The Google Alphabet

HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Now somewhat appropriately a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, Google routinely listens in to the daily lives of millions around the world through its search engine and other products, such as Android, Google Maps, Chrome and Youtube. The company gathers our data, listening in to learn our interests, connections, movements and more.

The Google Alphabet listens in turn to the company’s suggestions, to the way it completes not only our sentences but our words and thoughts. It shows how we are learning a new alphabet, one in which a is for amazon, f is for facebook and g is for google.

Live querying Google’s search and returning the first autocomplete it offers for each letter of the Roman alphabet, the installation shows how the vast cybernetic system of the contemporary internet, driven by ongoing flows of public and corporate desire, is influencing the way we learn and know the languages in which we communicate.

Presented in Press Refresh, as part of the wrong biennale 2019-2020