Merri Creek Drain

A performance using pink noise.

RE::SET Merri Creek

Monday 9th March 2015

A guided event along the banks of the Merri Creek that invites artists to contemplate the sonic, spacial and contextual qualities of this urban wilderness. With its pre-colonial and industrial history, its ruins, rocks and rubbish, Re::Set Merri Creek is an homage to forgotten corners. A bridging of worlds. A bridging of time. Resonant spaces.

Re::set Merri Creek was the third in a series of collectively run sound performance/presentations and site specific actions, each exploring divergent locations and approaches.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang + Ben Byrne + Boquillas + Eamon Sprod and Collaborators + Liz Dunn + Geoff Robinson + Nigel Brown ++++++

Initiated by Zoe Scoglio