Nadir - Excessive Redundancy

Nadir is Alex White (Euro Modular Synth) and Ben Byrne (Laptop with Max/MSP).

Together, we produce music that seethes. Oscillations and disturbances envelop and pollute one another as a host of possibilities surface, pattern and disintegrate.

Alex uses his analogue synthesiser to produce a broad spectrum of sound that Ben then buffers and manipulates in real time with his software patch, the collision of stochastic processes and improvisation creating a dense and visceral experience.

Excessive Redundancy, our debut album, is saturated with signal - music pushed to the brink of collapse.


Shirtfront - 3:14

Paroxysm - 3:40

Nervio - 1:25

Cheese Pies - 6:07

Hellraiser - 1:21


Firetruck - 2:34

Pop Rocks and Cola - 4:34

Excessive Redundancy - 13:05

Available on LP and DL from